Marie Tumba Nzeza: “Kabund has just shown his HATE to the world!”

Reacting to the latest media outing by the former Vice-President of the National Assembly, Jean-Marc Kabund, Marie Tumba Nzeza, a member of the UDPS, revealed the personality of this actor newly engaged in the political universe with his own party. “He has demonstrated to the Congolese people and the world that the political base on which he sits is only HATE!”, she hammered at the microphone of CONGOPROFOND.NET on Tuesday, July 19. ,

Then to add: “But this hatred gives birth to lies!”.

For the Honorary Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DRC, Jean-Marc Kabund necessarily used a lot of lies during his media release. “ HATE never built. On the contrary, it destroys everything and ultimately it kills. It is your hatred that is responsible for the current state of the great party that was the UDPS. You have reduced it to the extent of your destructive feelings. This hatred that you direct towards the one who allowed you to be 1st vice-president of one of the flagship institutions of the Republic, has set fire to your political career. You will realize, very soon, that your HATE will turn against you and will eventually eat you up!” she warned.

By way of conclusion, Marie Tumba Nzeza believes that Jean-Marc Kabund has only two options for you: to humble himself before the one he wanted to dirty by dirtying himself, or to wait to be consumed by fire which he lit. For her, it won’t be long.

All in all, this framework of the presidential party reminds Kabund, in passing, not to forget to resign from his post as national deputy of the UDPS, since he has created his own party.